Saturday, 9 January 2016

Tidy Make up, Tidy Mind. Part 1. The storage.

Spurred on from the sense of new beginnings and cleansing feeling that I get after packing the Christmas Tree and decorations away, I've turned my busy fingers to getting organised with my make up storage.  I don't have loads of make up but, I am hoping that as a result of starting this blog, that will change.  Because, obviously, I need to purchase lots of new skincare and make up so that I can write posts for you, purely and un-selflessly for the good of the blog!

Recently I've bought some acrylic storage units.  Muji were the originators of these, and are great for all sorts of storage solutions.  This 2 drawer unit is sturdy, has gel stoppers on the bottom so it won't move around and the drawers slide satisfactorily and is only £10.95.  They stack nicely as well, so I'm going to get another one.  Or two... You can get this unit and lots of other configurations from Muji

TK Maxx and or Homesense are also good for having acrylic storage, although of course you never know until you get there what they are going to have in.  I got this unit just after Christmas, and it was £18 and has various different sections and a pull out lipstick holder.

I also picked up 2 of these smaller units, which also fit perfectly in to my bathroom cabinet.  These are from Tiger, and were £5!

Looking to the future and as my collection grows, I've already got my eye on this 6 drawer Malm unit from Ikea, £79.00.  I'll then get some tray inserts to go inside the drawers, so I can compartmentalise blushes, eye shadows, foundations.... and look, its got a mirror!

When we keep all the items we've spent our hard earned cash on in a make up bag, or rolling around at the back of a drawer, not only will we forget that we bought that blusher we wanted for ages, but make up does eventually dry out.  Get it on display and organised and use it.  It'll save you time and encourage you to use that blusher that is far too bright and scary looking.  (I'm talking to you now Urban Decay Afterglow in shade Quiver!).

I hope this has inspired you to re-think how you store your make up.  

Part 2 of Tidy Make up, Tidy Mind will be a newcomer's guide to everything you might and might not need, make up wise.  Coming very soon.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I have the same gold polka dot dish from Asda haha! It's so cute!

    1. I love Asda homeware. Always such a bargain!

  2. Really enjoying the way you write Julie!


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