Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Super and affordable concealers

Maybelline, Rimmel, Kiko, Collection

Concealers are magic!  These little sticks of wonder can cover, hide, disguise, lighten and brighten and all for under £8.00.

Drugstore concealers are so good I haven't felt the need to venture in to the higher end market. Nearly every beauty Blogger and You Tuber swears by Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and it really is a little gem and one of my two favourites.  This creamy, high coverage concealer covers redness, blemishes and brightens dull looking areas.  Apart from the fact that the wording on the tube wears off within 2 days of use (hence the dodgy looking photo above!), for £4.19 (currently on offer at Boots and Superdrug for £3.99) you will be hard pushed to find a better concealer, even putting this head to head with some high end ones.  Comes in 4 shades.

My other favourite and recent discovery is Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99). Comes in 2 shades.

Maybelline, concealer

Every day I love this little baby more and more.  I love the little sponge on the tip, I love the satisfying clicky noise as you wind concealer up in to the sponge and most of all I love how it instantly brightens my under eye area.

I use the Collection concealer to draw a big V under my eyes, dab around my nose and on spots or areas of redness.  After blending this all in, I then swipe a generous amount of the Maybelline under my eyes for instant "hello, I'm wide awake, I've had the best sleep ever..." and blend.

Another goodie is the Rimmel Wake me up concealer.  I like this but I like the Collection Lasting Perfection much more (I'm on my 4th re-purchase).

The green Kiko concealer is for covering blemishes and redness.  I've haven't used this a lot, only because I find my 2 favourites do the job nicely as a pair.

There's an influx of colour correcting concealer palettes in the shops and so here's a quick guide on what colour conceals what issue:

Concealer colour                   Corrects
Green ---------------------------  Redness - spots, red veins
Orange or Peach --------------  Blueness - dark under eyes, bruising
Yellow --------------------------  Purple or blue - corrects uneven skin, blue veins
Lilac or Purple ----------------- Yellow - corrects yellow, dull or pasty tones 

Just like at primary school, during wet play time when the paints came out, remember the colour wheel - look at the colour you want to conceal, look at the colour opposite it, and that's the colour of concealer you need to use.

Colour wheel

Happy concealing! x


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