Thursday, 28 January 2016

Morphe Brushes 35N Matte Palette

Morphe Brushes 35N Matte Palette

My make up kryptonite are eye shadows.  I cannot resist them.  I love singles, quads, palettes. I love creams, powders, pencils and sticks.  I do seem to end up buying the same nude colours though.  I've even bought two of the exact same Collection Nude eye palettes within 2 months of each other because I thought they were really pretty.  Both times.

So to help me get through the long slog to January payday I thought I'd treat myself to a new eye shadow palette.  I've been checking a few out - higher end ones like the Tarte Tartelette and Stila Eyes are the Windows.  But then I came across Morphe Brushes palettes.  Quite by chance as I was actually looking for a new eye shadow brush.  
Morphe Brushes have several palettes all of equally good value (I'm building up for the big reveal!) and are widely acknowledged by beauty experts and make up artists for their quality and pigmentation.  I decided to go for the Morphe 35N Matte palette as who doesn't love a good matte, and mattes are so much more easier to wear, especially in the day/for work.

And look how gloriously pretty she is.  35 true mat powder shadows, and not all nude! There's some dark, mid and light browns, creams, light coppers, plums and peaches, as well as darker shades which you can use as a liner.  What I love about the quality of these shadows is, yes, they are pigmented but not crazily so.  I actually don't like a powder that's too pigmented because it's better to be able to apply more than have to try and take it off when you've been a bit heavy handed!

And how much for this dreamy vision?  £15.95!  For 35 shadows.  That's like 45p each!
You can get this Morphe Brushes 35N palette at Beauty Bay.  

I also got the Morphe E30 Blending Fluff Brush.  A well made brush with a lovely long handle and super soft bristles.  £5.50.

Morphe Brushes E30 blending fluff brush

I mean at these prices, can you resist?


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