Sunday, 24 January 2016

CoLab Dry Shampoo

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It's been a funny week for me, and not funny haha.  Our house rabbit, Jeff, took a sudden and unexplained turn for the worse and on Monday night I did an across town dash from the vets to the animal hospital.  If I had blue lights, I would have used them!
But, thankfully, Jeff's guardian rangel (rabbit angel!) was looking after him and after a night in the hospital, intravenous fluids and medication, and sleeping on a heat pad, he pulled through and is now back to his standoffish, aloof and wonderful self.

So as Jeff's mum, this week has been a bit stressful for me, what with a sleepless night when he was away and having to syringe feed him his meds when he came home, my hair has been the last thing on my mind!  And so I had to give a big shout out to this dry shampoo which has seen me through this week and more than covered up for my missed hair washing days.

There are now a few brands of dry shampoos out there and using them is not only an accepted part of your routine, some of them actually give you more, like texturising, volume and scent.

CoLab is a make stocked in Superdrug and is fronted by Model, You Tuber and Blogger, Ruth Crilly.

What I absolutely love about CoLab is that it promises to be sheer and invisible, and it is. I'm a brunette and, unfortunately, have on occasion sauntered in to work with (and unbeknown to me) a nice halo of white powder on top of my hair.  Even when I became aware of the halo, brushing didn't really help get rid of it.

But I don't get the halo with CoLab as the spray is fine and sheer.  What you do get with this dry shampoo is a range of really nice scents.  Currently I'm using Rio in the Sheer and Invisible and the clean, fruity smell is a real pleasure to spray on.  As well as making my hair feel like its been freshly washed, the dry shampoo just sponges up any grease I have on my no-hair wash days, but it also gives my hair an oomph, a blast of volume, which stays in.  In fact I usually give my hair a spray of this, even on my hair wash days.  
This range is also incredibly good value for money.  A 200ml bottle is £3.49, but currently at Superdrug is £1.73! (looky here).  

As well as the Sheer & Invisible range, there is also Extreme Volume and Luxe Shine. 

You can also get 50ml bottles, which are the perfect size for travel or taking to work to give you a boost of volume and scent throughout the day, without the halo (I'm singing Beyonce in my head now... everywhere I'm looking now..)

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