Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Alphabet Bags

The only way I get through January is to day dream about holidays, start investigating where to go, trawl the internet for hints on whether its bikinis, tankins or all in ones that are going to be this year's holiday wear.  However, even though I do my prep, every year, I seem to be behind on a holiday essential.  Last year it was a holiday tote bag.  I had to cart my pool side essentials around in a carrier bag!  Shame. Ful.

I promised myself to "do better next time".  And then I discovered Alphabet Bags and this brilliant beach bag.  Its a large tote bag which is plenty big enough to fit everything you could want in for a day out - shoes, food, drinks, book, beach towel, sun lotion... find it here

I was so impressed with the quality of this well made, sturdy bag that I ordered a wash bag.  It's a large washable bag which can easily hold all your bathroom essentials or make up and is currently in their sale

Alphabet Bags has a wide range of bags, purses, tshirts, phone covers etc.  Check out their website https://www.alphabetbags.com/ if you fancy some affordable, fun and well made bits.

Roll on the summer holiday when I'll be swinging my beach bag with a smugness I've not known before. 


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