Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Micellar Waters and Clinique's Take the Day off cleansing balm

In 2015 it's not good enough to just use face wipes or one cleanser to remove your make up/clean your face.  Behold the Double Cleanse.

Beauty experts now say that a double cleanse is needed because today's cosmetics have such good staying power (think 24 hour foundations and mascaras) that one cleanse will not fully remove it, which will lead to your skin looking dull, lack lustre and a bit spotty.

You can use the cleansers of your choice (no, 2 face wipes do not count!).  Step/cleanse 1, this is to remove all your make up.  I use Clinique's Take The Day off cleansing balm. This comes in a big pot and is a hard balm. Take a 50p size of the balm and soften it up by warming in your fingers, the balm then turns to an oil which you massage all over your face.  Take your time here and enjoy really massaging this oil all over your face and neck.  (I can talk about the virtues of facial massage but that's for another day/post).  You can use this all over your eyes to remove mascara and eye make up.  I gently massage over my lashes to soften and then remove all mascara.  Then using a flannel or muslin cloth which you've rinsed in warm water, wipe off all the balm.  Do this twice.

Clinique Take the Day off cleansing balm £22.00

For my step/cleanse 2, I use a micellar water.  This is not to be mistaken with your old style toner. A micellar water is a complete make up removing water.  How does it work? The water contains micelles, tiny round balls of cleansing molecules, which act like magnets gently lifting away make up and impurities from the skin.  Pour about 4 splashes on to a cotton pad and wipe over your face, eyes and neck.  You'll be shocked at how much make up and dirt this amazing water takes over, even after you did your thorough 1st cleanse (see why a double cleanse is needed!).  There's no need to rinse after the micellar water, just massage in your usual moisturiser.

The double cleanse really doesn't take much longer than your normal cleanse, mostly because the micellar water is so quick and efficient to use.

I use Garnier's Micellar Water, which comes in a big 400ml bottle and lasts for ages. £3.30

You will notice a difference.  Your skin will feel softer, cleaner and the products you use thereafter, your serum, moisturiser, make up, will apply better and work more effectively.



  1. I've just ordered both of these! Really looking forward to trying them.

    1. Let me know how you get on with them Kerrie. x

  2. Use this already & thinks its great!


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