Friday, 11 December 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise

Charlotte Tilbury is a UK make up artist, who is internationally well known and has made up the faces of almost every A list celeb you can imagine.  Charlotte has her own line of make up and skin care and opened her first "Beauty Boudoir" in Covent Garden, London on 21 November 2015.

I have to admit that I only recently heard of Charlotte Tilbury after watching many You Tubers reviewing and raving about her products.  She doesn't just make your standard blushes and palettes, she's changed the whole concept of make up.  Turned it on its head. Charlotte Tilbury is to make up what Heston Blumenthal is to food.  Exciting. Revolutionary.  Intriguing.

I really wanted to try something.  So during a recent trip to London, I went in to her store.  My god, it really is a boudoir.  As soon as I stepped inside, I grew up, I felt womanly.
One of the in store Artists came to my aid and, either on her recommendation or because I was totally entranced and mesmerised by her amazing eye make up, I purchased the Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise set.
These kits come with an eye shadow and mini Rock N Kohl eye liner pencil and these two items together easily enable you to do a cat eye look.  But not just any old old stray cat eye. The eye shadow has some type of.. magic dust.. in it and there is a discreet sparkle/shimmer which is only apparent at night and when the light catches your eyes. Like a cat's eyes, at night.

The video in this link shows the effect much better than I can explain.

There are four kits and each one is aimed at a specific eye colour, which makes things so much easier. But of course you can choose the colour that appeals to you the most, regardless of your eye colour.  I did and went for 'On the prowl' £29.00

The trick to applying this shadow, and for any smokey/cat eye look is blend, blend some more and then blend again.  You can layer up this shadow and so control the intensity, depending on the look you want or the night out you're planning on.
And remember when it gets dark, do slow blinks to catch the light! 

The Beauty Boudoir also offers make up services and tutorials, which I'm definitely going to book in to next time I'm in London.


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